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This Road Map should give an indication of the near future of the NASA World Wind project. NASA World Wind provides standardized access to public domain scientific data. This data is useful for NASA mission planning, scientific research, government activities, education, and public interest, while also readily allowing for the customization necessary to serve varying needs.


[edit] Next Release

[edit] Current releases

[edit] v1.3.6

  • .Net 1.1
  • The development of this branch has been stopped.

[edit] v1.4

  • Developed by FEF and WW community in support of NASA
  • .Net 2.0
  • Released: February 14, 2007

[edit] Java SDK 0.5

  • Multiplatform API-centric architecture with functionalities being 'off-loaded' to modular components, leaving the API at the core.
  • Released: May 2007
    • last update: 0.5 (May 2, 2008)
    • next release: 0.6 (late October/November)
  • Java + OpenGL
  • Lead NASA World Wind Java developer: Tom Gaskins

[edit] Upcoming Changes

For a schedule of upcoming changes and features, please see the Issue Tracker Road Map (Java SDK only).

[edit] See Also

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