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  • Add Min/Max display altitude
    • For placenames there is the ability to set the max and min display altitude, to avoid cluttering. It would be nice to have this feature for icons also.
  • Add description field from XML
  • Add mouseover text colour option (bull)
  • Added all of above [CM]


  • Add support for Disabling Z buffer to xml (already in ImageLayer code)
  • Add transparent color setting
(This is done server side and should be grabbed client side with getcapabilities.)
  • Added


  • Add a line width setting (suggestion submitted by Bull)
    • I don't think this is supported in DirectX [CM]
  • Add linestyles
    • I don't think this is supported in DirectX [CM]
    • for example dotted or dashed lines .... ----
  • Add support for RGB colour values
    • This is already specified in the schema, is it coded though? [CM]
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