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[edit] WorldWind Worlds

WorldWind is not restricted to Planet Earth - given the proper files, it can run as the Moon (installed with 1.3.3) and any other sphere, essentially.

'Worlds' could be better described as 'planets' although WW could also become a star, if it tried hard enough :-)

[edit] What different 'worlds' are available for WorldWind?

Officially, I think only the Moon (included in 1.3.3) is supported at this point, but it is not exceptionally difficult to create your own 'world' for WorldWind. Tutorials on this may be found in the Forums.

[edit] How do I see the moon?

In the WorldWind main menu click File and choose Moon from the drop down menu. Note that if you had other 'worlds, this is where they would appear on startup - this is a nice new feature in 1.3.3, previously, you needed to pass the worldfile to the exe via command line - and therefore it was necessary to restart WW to 'switch'. Now all you need to do is point and click . . .

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