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-The '''World Wind Uri''' allows you to launch World Wind from any URI capable software, such as web browsers or the Run dialog.+Uri is stupid
- +
- +
- ''worldwind://goto/parameter=value&parameter=value''+
- +
-All parameters are optional. If a parameter isn't specified the current value is kept.+
- +
-;''lat'' or ''latitude''+
-: Latitude to position camera (floating point number)+
-;''lon'' or ''longitude''+
-: Longitude to position camera (floating point number)+
-;''altitude'' or ''alt''+
-: The distance in meters above sea level to position the camera. Use this or ''viewrange''. (positive integer)+
-;''view'' or ''viewrange''+
-: Use this or ''altitude''. (positive floating point number)+
-: The angle the camera should bank. The user must have banking enabled in their World Wind settings. (floating point number)+
-;''dir'' or ''direction''+
-: The direction the camera is facing. From -180 to 180. (floating point number)+
-: Angle of the camera to the surface. 0 is directly down, 90 is horizon (floating point number)+
-: "Earth" is currently the only accepted value+
-: The name of the layer that should be shown. eg "NLT Landsat7 (Visible Color)" The value is case insensitive. Possible values are any layer text string from the ''Layer Manager'' -> ''Images''+
- +
- +
- worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=-43.54642&lon=172.69009&alt=25883+
- worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=-43.54642&lon=172.69009&view=0.465+
- worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=-77.21968&lon=172.69009&view=0.465+
- worldwind://goto/dir=22.9&tilt=73.0&layer=NLT%20Landsat7%20(Visible%20Color)+
- +
-==URI Specs==+
-*[ OGC discussion paper for the proposed Terrain Map Server]+
-* [ RFC3986 Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax] which obsoletes [ RFC2396]+
-*[ Wikipedia page on URI]+
- +

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Uri is stupid

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