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The World Wind Uri allows you to launch World Wind from any URI capable software, such as web browsers or the Run dialog.


[edit] Format


[edit] Parameters

All parameters are optional. If a parameter isn't specified the current value is kept.

lat or latitude
Latitude to position camera (floating point number)
lon or longitude
Longitude to position camera (floating point number)
altitude or alt
The distance in meters above sea level to position the camera. Use this or viewrange. (positive integer)
view or viewrange
Use this or altitude. (positive floating point number)
The angle the camera should bank. The user must have banking enabled in their World Wind settings. (floating point number)
dir or direction
The direction the camera is facing. From -180 to 180. (floating point number)
Angle of the camera to the surface. 0 is directly down, 90 is horizon (floating point number)
The name of the layer that should be shown. eg "NLT Landsat7 (Visible Color)" The value is case insensitive. Possible values are any layer text string from the Layer Manager -> Images
The name of the world (planet) that should be shown (e.g. "Earth" or "SDSS"). Possible values are any name from the File menu. This parameter only works when the uri is used to start WW. Pasting a uri with the world parameter will not switch worlds.

[edit] Examples


[edit] URI Specs

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