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[edit] 1.3.6 and 1.4 New Features

[edit] 1.3.4 and 1.3.5 Features

[edit] New Extraterrestrial Datasets

Exciting new planets.

  • Mars: In addition to the Moon which debuted in 1.3.3, we now have Mars with full 3D terrain.
  • SDSS: View the galaxy with outer-space imagery from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  • Venus: 3 image layers without 3D terrain + placenames
  • Jupiter: Jupiter and 4 Moons + placenames

[edit] Updated Earth Datasets

Better, sharper imagery.

  • OnEarth 15m Landsat imagery
  • Improved elevation data based on SRTM+ and SRTM. Includes global Bathymetry.
  • ZoomIt! data: Additional datasets for parts of the US (MA, NY, IN, FL) and South Africa's Robben Island

[edit] New Included Plugins

In this release, we're including some of the best community-contributed plugins and some others newly created by NASA:

Some of these plug-ins are not turned on by default, to activate them open the Plug-Ins menu and click Load/Unload... (see figure 1).

figure 1
figure 1

Click on name of the plug-in you wish to activate in the Plugin Load/Unload window and then press the Load button, the indicator next to the plug-ins name should turn green (if you want the plug-in to automatically load each time World Wind starts also tick the plug-ins startup box), you can now safely close the Plugin Load/Unload window.

  • Movie Recorder: Movie recording script. Plays back a script file with camera positions and records each frame to sequentially numbered bitmap files on disk.
  • Measuring tool: Measure distances/bearings on the globe.
  • Starfield: Adds a dynamicaly rendered starfield background to World Wind using data from the Hipparcos catalog.
  • Compass Rose: Renders a compass in World Wind.
  • Clock: On-screen clock.
  • Earthquake Plug-In: Near-Real-Time Earthquake display and Historical Earthquake Query.
  • KML Importer: Import Placemarks from KML and KMZ files.
  • Zoom Extender: Double-click to control zooming in and out.
  • Global Clouds (near realtime clouds): Displays a global cloud image.
  • Atmospheric halo: Displays a virtual atmosphere around the Earth.
  • Overview Form: Displays an external window to control World Wind (only works for Earth).
  • External Layer Manager: Displays a classic windows style form window to turn on and off layers.

[edit] New Features

New core features which improve World Wind.

  • Improved download indicator: Tiles which are downloading have a semi-transparent red border.
  • Improved terrain rendering: Rendering of terrain has been optimised to increase framerates.
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