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World Wind Issues is a JIRA-powered database for World Wind bugs, enhancement requests, and task items. Found a defect in World Wind or want to suggest an improvement? File a report in World Wind Issues.


Why use World Wind Issues?


If you've found a bug in World Wind, you can discuss it in the chat room or on the forums. But developers can't monitor all these places, all the time. To solicit the attention of people who can fix your bug, file a report in World Wind Issues. Your report gets a permanent web page of its own, where anyone can comment on the report, ask questions, and track efforts toward fixing it.

If there's an issue you want to see addressed, add yourself to its "watch list" to get updates by e-mail. You can even vote for it!


At any given time, hundreds of people around the world are using World Wind, finding defects in the software, analyzing its source code, or developing their own code modifications. World Wind Issues is a central coordinating point for all those efforts--and for the open source development process that continually forges a better World Wind.

World Wind Issues helps you:

  • Find an outstanding bug or task you can help resolve.
  • Track and organize your work in fixing bugs and adding enhancements. Project management is easy with World Wind Issues: you can split a task into manageable sub-tasks, assign issues to yourself or others, draft a schedule, and prioritize your tasks.
  • Get feedback, advice, and testing help with the issue you're working to resolve. World Wind Issues makes your work publicly available on the web, where anyone can offer suggestions, test your code, or begin a collaboration.
  • Track regressions (new bugs introduced by your code). With World Wind Issues, it's easy to see how an issue is linked to a web of other issues.

The open source community

World Wind Issues isn't just a place for developers or people with bugs to report. As a member of the World Wind community, you can get involved in many ways.

  • Add issues to the database. If World Wind Issues doesn't know about a bug or enhancement request, we can't track it.
  • Improve the quality of reports in the database. Someone might file a report that merely says: "Crash in World Wind." Such a report is virtually useless, because it's vague and can't reliably be reproduced. Ask the reporter for clarification. Adjust the summary of the issue for utility and clarity. Add important information of your own, including links to forum or mailing list discussion, if appropriate. Solicit the advice of developers who can help resolve the issue. If necessary, mark the issue as a duplicate of a more usefully reported issue.
  • Maintain the issue tracking system. Some reports are filed in the wrong product or component locations, where they might gather dust, ignored. Move issues to their proper places, where the right eyes will see them and take action. Also, verify reported issues. Sometimes a bug is only visible on one person's computer. If others can't reliably reproduce the issue, it may be appropriate to resolve it as "Cannot Reproduce."
  • Monitor World Wind Issues. Every day, new issues are filed, handled, and fixed. Get a sense of what's happening with World Wind, and where your help is most needed, by keeping up to date with World Wind Issues.

Other feedback mechanisms

You can use the following resources to report bugs and request features. But because they provide poor tracking capabilities, they are not a substitute for items in World Wind Issues. Use these resources for discussion purposes only, then file items in World Wind Issues. (Search for duplicate issues before you file a report.)

A large number of bugs listed in the following pages are not in World Wind Issues. To see those issues resolved, verify that they still exist, add them to World Wind Issues, then make a note in the pages below, so others don't add them to the tracker.

Historic issue tracking systems

World Wind previously used SourceForge's issue trackers to track bugs and feature requests. World Wind no longer uses them.

A large number of SourceForge tracker items are not in World Wind Issues. To see those issues resolved, verify that they still exist, add them to World Wind Issues, then make a note in the pages below, so others don't add them to the tracker.

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