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*Hosts the [ hotspot list] *Hosts the [ hotspot list]
*Hosts the Community [[Landsat|LandSat 7]] dataset (OnEarth cache) *Hosts the Community [[Landsat|LandSat 7]] dataset (OnEarth cache)
-*Hosts high resolution [[Add-on:World Wind Central Add-on Pack|imagery of New York]]+*Hosts [[Add-on:ZoomIt!|high resolution imagery]]
*Provides support on the [[Forums|forums]] *Provides support on the [[Forums|forums]]
*Provides support in [[Chat|chat]] *Provides support in [[Chat|chat]]

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World Wind Central is a community portal for users and developers of NASA World Wind.


These are some of the services provided by World Wind Central or the people associated with the site.


Anthony Taylor (Llynix) establishes a "hotspot" web site in October 2004 for adding screenshots of interesting locations found within World Wind.

On 20 November the "" domain is established.

In early February 2005 the wiki knowledge base is transfered from NASA to WWC for hosting and maintenance.

WWC gets media attention at in early April 2005.


The World Wind Central site is run completly by advertising donations from users. If you think the site is of value, please consider donating.

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