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* <s>Unable to put WFS Placenames into childlayer sets, they don't show up in layermanager</s> * <s>Unable to put WFS Placenames into childlayer sets, they don't show up in layermanager</s>
-** WFS layers aren't fully supported yet. The current WFS code was to make the built-in placenames functional; it needs more work before it can work reliably for other situations.+** WFS layers aren't fully supported yet. The current WFS code was to make the built-in placenames functional; it needs a lot more work before it can work reliably for other situations.

Revision as of 16:43, 29 January 2007

This release was developed by FEF in support of NASA

This page is for listing of bugs that need to be squashed before there is a 1.4 release. This is the official bug list page. Be sure bugs are linked to a JIRA issue as well (if there is one). There will be no new features added, this is for bug squashing only.

PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. Bug reports like "Feature X doesn't work" are useless in helping us identify problems.

World Wind 1.4 requires .NET 2.0



Please link to this page instead of direct download so bugs can be reported. Thanks.

World Wind 1.4.0 RC5 (26 Jan 2007)

To download and install the latest 1.4 beta version (RC5) follow these steps:

  1. Download the World_Wind_1.4.0_RC5 installer
  2. Double click World_Wind_1.4.0_RC5.exe

You should be able to have 1.4 and 1.3 installed at the same time because they keep their settings in separate locations. If you have run any other builds of 1.4 then you should delete your %appdata%\NASA\World Wind\\ folder.

NOTE: World Wind 1.4 requires .NET 2.0 and Managed DirectX October 2005.

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Please read the list of fixed bugs before you add a new one

Major 1.4 RC5 bugs

The KML Importer is an Importer, it is not intended to act exactly as GE does, please read the KML Importer about box under the Help menu, it states - KMLImporter is a World Wind plugin that allows you to read kml/kmz files. It is still under development and as such doesnt support all features of kml.

  • Unable to put WFS Placenames into childlayer sets, they don't show up in layermanager
    • WFS layers aren't fully supported yet. The current WFS code was to make the built-in placenames functional; it needs a lot more work before it can work reliably for other situations.

Will Not Be Fixed in 1.4

  • Overlapping ESRI shapefiles cause massive distortions. When the shape is rendered, a larger rectangular area surrounding the shape is tinted slightly darker. These overlapping tinted regions combine to blot out the whole screen. This did not occur in V1.3.5. This is in JIRA here WW-690 ( I've also now added screen shots and sample ESRI shape files to the discussion here ( This apparently is related to the same problem with WMS layers already fixed here (
  • "Blurry Island" bug is affecting ZoomIt! layers (See JIRA WW-687)
  • Placenames downloads freeze other downloads, queued requests aren't removed when layer is disabled (New download logic is due in 1.4.1)
  • Line paths who are hidden by terrain are still visible (ZBuffer) (See JIRA WW-739)
  • HTTP 404 handling broken on tiles downloads, higher level tiles will be requested even if parent returned 404 (i.e., L=0,X=0,Y=0 returns 404, L=1,X=0,Y=0 will still be tried and return more 404s). If this is a 'feature' please provide other means of informing downloader that higher level tiles doesn't exist (custom HTTP error code, custom header, ...).(New download logic is due in 1.4.1)


Minor 1.4 RC5 bugs

  • The description portion of KML Icons still don't pop up in a bubble, or anywhere else that I can tell. When importing KML placemarks, the placemark description no longer appears in the lower left hand corner of the screen when I mouse over the placemark icon. See this issue in JIRA WW-686 ( (Placemark descriptions are supposed to appear in HTML bubbles, whoever created the bubbles needs to fix them.) The code for displaying the description is still in the KMLImporter.CS but is commented out. I restored it, and it works just fine. Would someone be kind enough to un-comment the description code and check it back in?
  • KML descriptions don't appear as they do in Google Earth (if this should be considered minor, please excuse me) While 1.4rc5 successfully loads KMZ files like this (to access these dynamically generated KML|KMZ files, you need a free login (sorry for the overhead)), the Name has HTML tags that get displayed as plain text in the Layer Manager, the popups flicker badly, and the popups sometimes appear when clicking anywhere near a marker and other times only when clicking exactly on marker center. Assigned as issue WW-749
  • Is 1.4rc5 supposed to support KML NetworkLink? (if this should be considered a feature request, please excuse me) 1.4rc5 does not load this KML file with a NetworkLink. If it did, the NetworkLink would load a KMZ file each time the camera stops and would append a bbox= parameter to the URL, so that the resulting markers are only within that extent, like this example (These KML files work reasonably well in Google Earth. We'd welcome your feedback and look forward to using World Wind more -- labs a t metacarta com)
AFAIR KMLImporter never supported view-based refresh in network links Assigned as issue WW-750
    • This kind of behavior would be better implemented natively as a tiles WFS layer in WW instead of relying on kml's clunky zoom->pause->download, zoom->pause->download...
  • Waving flags aren't shown if terrain exaggeration is set at 0
  • Turning on the sun shading makes all line paths gray
  • Time Controller and diagnostic's clock doesn't keep time correctly when compared to my computer's clock, I've watched as it goes out of sync
  • The links in the Help menu don't open up in the internal browser, neither does the link in the Plug-ins menu for downloading additional add-ons
    • The internal browser is intended for viewing html content relevant to the the view in WW, not for regular browsing. Someone looking for help or plugins would be better off looking at those pages in a real browser instead of crammed into the side of the WW window.
  • after loading the kml from DestinSharks [1] no icons are displayed and the descriptions float in space

Other complaints

Installer Bugs

  • kml folder left after uninstalling

1.4 RC3 bugs fixed in 1.4 RC5

  • Transparency doesn't work like it did in 1.3.5. In 1.3.5 you could manipulate how it was blended with other images but not any more. The feature was removed because it was buggy on some video cards.
the code is still there(just commented out) and it works (at least on my card) as long as you don't have sun shading turned on
  • worldwind:// links with "world=" parameters don't switch worlds. (They never have, this would be an improvement not a bug).
  • Waving flag textures don't appear with low-end graphics cards. Flags are just white squares. (not a WW bug but a graphics card limitation, release notes state PS 2.0 card recommended).
  • Links with target="_blank" attribute open new IE window
    • Don't think its a bug, maybe if we had tabs ...
    • Not a bug. Use target="_blank" to force the link to open in a real browser window.
  • Placefinder:
    • still has some globalization issues: it accepts both , and . in coordinates, but treats numbers with , as integers
    • also "Decimal Degrees / Degrees/Seconds" switch does nothing it seems
  • The integrated webrowser can't open up the CIA World Factbook which the Flags of the World link to
    • It works here, although I got a dns error the first time, maybe it is a network error at (Bull)
strange... i got the error too (after clicking first flag), next links opened fine (m_k)
that is weird, I wonder what causes that (Guest_Jim_*, I'm the one that added this bug)
  • Clicking on links for World Wind locations in the integrated browser don't take you there.
    • Yes they do. Re-run the installer to make sure you have the necessary registry keys installed. -withak
    • Thanks withak that fixed it, I wonder if the reason I was having that was because I uninstalled 1.3.5 after I installed 1.4 RC3.
  • WMS Browser adds always wrong coordinates
    • Can you provide an example? -withak
      • OK, I found the mistake. WMS-Services with Coorinates like 5.764 are saved with a comma (5,764) and World Wind doesn't understand it! Services like this from NASA doesn't needs numbes behind the comma and it works
        • Just to make sure I'm understanding which direction the problem goes, the number from the server is "five degrees and seven hundred sixty four thousandths of a degree", and is is being written 5,764 instead of 5.764 in the xml file? Thanks.
          • Yes, all coordinates which need a comma are written in the xmlfile of WorlWind with a "," also when in the wms-file is a dot. Perhaps it is because of the finnish computer settings ... here we usually use a comme not a dot. (I think m_k fixed this. -withak)
  • replace old atmospheric halo plugin with sky gradient (fix z-buffer issue first) Fixed in SVN
  • old buttons in the integrated browser

1.4 RC2 bugs fixed in 1.4 RC3

  • Worldwind.log is too verbose, also it validates against the xsd which is outdated (rc2 used incorrect xsd)
  • "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" errors after setting "Don't use proxy" in Conf. Wizard (anyone confirms?) confirmed by setting usedefaultproxy to false, the error appears in the ctrl+h windw. WW-729
  • <CacheExpirationTime> tag for QTS doesn't work Cache expiration time was never set from xml for QTS layers (WW-728)
  • The option for simultaneous tiles downloading has dissapeared from the options menu. (it was removed because it was broken -withak)
  • Globalization issue in VE ("Input string was not in a correct format" during searching), Yahoo and TerraPage (error when clicking on the result list) geocoders
  • InfoUris for layers don't open in the integrated browser
  • Widgets don't use font from WW dir (close button is seen as 'F')
  • NRLMonterey has ,/. issue
  • VE plugin has zbuffer issues (see through terrain)
  • When I turn the Browser on, with the orientation with it on the left, and I turn on the Tool Bar, it does not come on.
  • The internal browser should remember settings as far as window size from the previous session with the same orientation. Whenever I start up WW and turn on the browser in Vertical Orientation, the browser takes up 1/3 of the screen. I then have to adjust the size to about 1/5 of the screen. It would be nice if the browser remembered this and started back up with the same window size. There is a mysterious issue with the size of the browser not being remembered and starting out very large. I can't find out why the size isn't being remembered correctly, but I made the initial size more reasonable. -withak
  • The 3D Compass should remember its size and location from session to session. I like to make it smaller, and put it in the upper right hand corner. I have to do this every time I start WW. Widgets remembering their positions would be a new feature, not a bug.
  • Screen Overlays with internet links don't open in the integrated web browser.
  • Boundaries are too thick, and often show several different sizes/thicknesses in the same screen. Boundaries should not appear on coastlines (in 1.3.5 they did not, except for the US). (not a WW bug)(if not a WW bug why does 1.3.5 do it differently and better?)
    • In 1.3.5 boundaries were installed with WW (as vectors) and stored on your PC. That was part of the reason the installer was so large. In 1.4 they are downloaded from a NASA server (as rasters) as they are needed. This lets them be updated whenever necessary. Styling changes would need to be made by the admin of that server, not by the WW application. PS: 1.4 does it better IMO. :)
    • The code to render 1.3.5-style boundaries is still in WW, so you could theoretically save the xml and pkg/idx files from 1.3.5 and use them in 1.4 if you wanted to.
  • Compass shows ? instead of degree symbol (is it really fixed? i still see '?') Fixed in SVN, this build isn't quite the latest.
  • FOTW shows Serbia and Montenegro as the same country.
  • Use BMNG+Bathymetry instead of plain BMNG (fixed)
  • clicking links should open the integrated browser (if it's not visible) [but i guess it would be a new feature :P] (did that, and added a close button -withak)
  • Good New Year's advice 2007-01-01:
23:20:29 < withak> probably would have to default everything to off then, otherwise people will [complain] that it is slow (fixed, and added a page to config wizard pointing out that these features are off at startup -withak)
  • elevation of terrain under mouse not available (this would be new feature, not a bug)
  • In the PlaceFinder dialog, the Virtual Earth geocoder tab's textbox should say "Keywords or address" so that it is clear that the user can type in addresses as well as keywords. WW-707
  • Configuration Wizard: play introduction movie opens (blank page; the last / is not needed)
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