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Projects for 1.4.1 World Wind Code

Please treat this a Brief Road Map and use JIRA for feature details and tagging commits.


  • Dstile GUI - Possibly migrate DStile to C# with new gdal c# bindings
  • Better ModelFeature
    • Loading Models from a server, possibly with https-auth
    • Model shadow casting
  • More ingrained time support
    • Add-ons with time support (TomServo)
      1. Satellite Tracker
      2. Earth Quakes
  • QTS-T
    • Quadtilesets with time stamp
  • Use Nightlights textures as an emmissive map together with sun shading to give more realistic view of the Earth at Night.(Idea from Celestia)

stepman (stephan mantler):

  • download management (substantial changes)
    • already in progress, but terrain support is causing major headaches
  • more flexible rendering (experimental)
    • extended shader support
    • separation of texture & terrain data
      • allow rendering of higher-res textures with lower res terrain data and vice versa (also see download management *sigh* )
      • addresses various rendering artefacts
    • will probably be through a separate entity ("QuadTile2"), switchable at startup time? (ie. loader allocates layer definitions as either QuadTileSet or QuadTile2Set)


  • File -> Load... gui
  • reorganize menus?
  • gui option to bump renderables up or down in the layer list
    • maybe make the reordering permanent
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