World Wind 1.3alpha Bugs

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  • No icons are displayed for add-ons [TS: I could get the NWS NEXTRAD icon to show]
    • Frustum problem, if you tilt at the right altitude they appear [mashi]
    • Could import an add-on, but could not get the images releated to the add-on to load (moved the releated imaged into the add-ons folder and did edit the xml to look there for the images)
  • The 'toggle position information' menu button does nothing?
  • Layer manager under 'Tools' brings up the old style layer manager [CM:Fixed]
  • Maximizing the WW window by double-clicking its title bar often triggers a button click
  • When maximizing the WW window, the spot a user is looking at (window center) should be preserved.
  • The red frame around a tile being downloaded should stay on-screen until the tile is updated, not disappear before [CM:Fixed]
  • Resize cursor (e.g. <->) of tool windows (e.g. Place Finder) does not appear (flickers only briefly)
  • Download indicator seems gone [CM:Fixed]
  • Text such as position and wms messages appear on top of the menubar [CM:Fixed]
  • After the right mouse button is pressed and the camera is tilted the menubar doesnt highlight again until you left click [CM:Fixed]
  • how engmike broke worldwind
  • Toolbar cannot be moved or turned on or off [CM:Fixed]
  • Does not piggyback and use IE's proxy settings.. can still not be used behind an authenticated proxy [SF: never said it would, so not a bug, but we're working on it]
  • Rapid Fire Modis doesn't "hide" when using ToolBar to close dialog [CM:Fixed]
  • Motion momentum seems always on
  • Response to mouve movement much less responsive and jerkier than in 1.2e
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