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==Open== ==Open==
 +*PickingRayIntersection fails when panned (movement in wrong direction)
*Windows Add Remove Page. Hard to tell which World Wind is World Wind. (1.2 and 1.3) *Windows Add Remove Page. Hard to tell which World Wind is World Wind. (1.2 and 1.3)
*Toggle Position Information icon looks more like "Play Checkers" icon. *Toggle Position Information icon looks more like "Play Checkers" icon.

Revision as of 15:10, 18 February 2005


  • PickingRayIntersection fails when panned (movement in wrong direction)
  • Windows Add Remove Page. Hard to tell which World Wind is World Wind. (1.2 and 1.3)
  • Toggle Position Information icon looks more like "Play Checkers" icon.
  • With "PLantet Gravity" on.. makes it hard to move to exactly where you want to go. Suggest default should be off.
  • On 1st and subsequent boots after install the following message:"File or assembly name Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3DX, or one of its dependencies, was not found." (but WW1.2e works fine); the build machine needs DirectX SDK Summer 2003. [fixed? -jessi]
  • Layer Manager needs windows like buttons "X" "+" "-" "check" etc.. what's up with the pound symbol :)
  • If we possibly can, modify code so that it loads xml files from Config\Earth first, then loads up Add-on config files from Add-ons/Earth/*.xml or if perhaps Add-ons/Earth/ADDONNAME/*.xml or Add-ons/Earth/ADDONNAME/Configuration/*.xml (whatever people think is the best..)
  • Highly highly recommend we change default MODIS from the current 4 months to two weeks. That should cut MODIS start up time by a considerable ammount. Even a month would be decent. Users can always adjust back.
  • 48x32 png's that we used to use for icons look like crap. Perhaps changing the icon code so that these icons don't rescale? Or rescale saving proportions? Then center the icon vertically.
  • Maximizing the WW window by double-clicking its title bar often triggers a button click
  • When maximizing the WW window, the spot a user is looking at (window center) should be preserved.
  • Resize cursor (e.g. <->) of tool windows (e.g. Place Finder) does not appear (flickers only briefly)
  • Does not piggyback and use IE's proxy settings.. can still not be used behind an authenticated proxy [SF: never said it would, so not a bug, but we're working on it]
  • Response to mouse movement much less responsive and jerkier than in 1.2e
  • DX Issue mainly I think. Launched NetMeeting then 1.3, screen went plack for about 10 seconds. Came back on with a message: "Could not find compatable video card" I think the video requirements are too much pull on the system to run both.
  • Most layers don't have download indicator icons
  • I get texture jitter and placename jitter when zooming in close. I have turned off Temporal Anti-Aliasing, normal AA is at 2x oversampling. I can fix it most of the time by clicking once to make sure motion is stopped. (ah)
  • The SRTM data seems to be way off in most regions of the world [CM: Eastern hemisphere...fixing]

Fix submitted

  • Icons are still buggy, try any add-on with tons of icons. The don't disappear around the earth correctly.
    • Fixed broken view frustum calculations. [mashi]
  • With the latest ( version, I now get: "The located assembly's manifest definition with name 'Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3DX' does not match the assembly reference". Using the Microsoft.*.dll files from WorldWind v1.2e. Maybe this might help. Seems it's looking for a version 1.0.1901.0 (It's not summer '03 and not Feb. '05 ManagedDX).


  • The top menu bar toggles layers instead of switching them [CM:Fixed]
  • The top menu bar doesn't reflect changes made with the LayerManager [CM:Fixed]
  • Toolbar is shown when you save screenshot, shouldn't be [CM:Fixed]
  • Layer manager under 'Tools' brings up the old style layer manager [CM:Fixed]
  • The red frame around a tile being downloaded should stay on-screen until the tile is updated, not disappear before [CM:Fixed]
  • Download indicator seems gone [CM:Fixed]
  • Text such as position and wms messages appear on top of the menubar [CM:Fixed]
  • After the right mouse button is pressed and the camera is tilted the menubar doesnt highlight again until you left click [CM:Fixed]
  • how engmike broke worldwind Llynix fixed it, DirectX problems (And then he really fixed it :) but then mike broke it again!
  • Toolbar cannot be moved or turned on or off [CM:Fixed]
  • Rapid Fire Modis doesn't "hide" when using ToolBar to close dialog [CM:Fixed]
  • Motion momentum seems always on [mashi:Fixed]
  • Most tool windows have the default VS.Net icon [mashi:Fixed]
  • The planet gravity item in the view menu does not get ticked when it is selected [mashi:Fixed]
  • No icons are displayed for add-ons [TS: I could get the NWS NEXTRAD icon to show][CM:Fixed]
    • Frustum problem, if you tilt at the right altitude they appear [mashi]
    • Could import an add-on, but could not get the images releated to the add-on to load (moved the releated imaged into the add-ons folder and did edit the xml to look there for the images)
  • The 'toggle position information' menu button does nothing? [CM:Fixed]
  • Icons in add-ons now show but vanish at certain angles, also they are always on-scrren they do not vanish behind the planet [CM:Fixed]
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