World Wind 1.3 RC1 Bugs

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Revision as of 23:56, 23 March 2005 by Engmike (Talk | contribs)
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Shock's Crap

Do the first row first, working towards the bottom

  • Still no SRTM progressbar in lower-right corner (should be same as quadtile, but 'blue-rectangle'-blue)
  • Very small amounts of scroll don't get far, larges ones are fine
  • Blue rectangle only shows up at the first level (?)
  • Toolbar icons still 'dance' when going left/right over them with your mouse

Fix submitted

  • Progressbar still isn't transparent (stands out too much) (should be == icon (above it) transparency) --Mashiharu 15:41, 1 Mar 2005 (MST)

Don't fix, unless crazy

  • Still no autohide on the toolbar
  • Clicking on the globe opens 5 FF windows
  • If you let WW pan across the world for a few hours the tile download engine gets "stuck" (no tiles downloaded). The only way to fix it is 1) Zoom In/Out with he keyboard or mouse. 2) Switch to a different layer and switch back. (02/03/05 - adamhill)
  • View menu is getting crowded
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