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===1.3.6 Download=== ===1.3.6 Download===
-* None yet+* [ 1.3.6 RC1] Download
== Bugs == == Bugs ==

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This page is for listing of bugs that need to be squashed before there is a 1.3.6 and 1.4 release. This is the official bug list page. Be sure bugs are linked to a JIRA issue as well (if there is one). There will be no new features added, this is for bug squashing only.



1.4 Download

To download and install the latest 1.4 beta version (RC1) follow these steps:

  1. Download the zip file from this location
  2. Unzip the archive wherever you want. The best location is probably \Program Files\NASA\, it will create a separate folder from your existing WW 1.3 install.

You should be able to have 1.4 and 1.3 installed at the same time because they keep their settings in separate locations. If you have run any other builds of 1.4 then you should delete your %appdata%\NASA\World Wind\\ folder.

NOTE: World Wind 1.4 requires .NET 2.0.

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1.3.6 Download


1.3.6 Bugs

1.4 Bugs

  • WW-642 - ZIP SRTM ISSUES causes spiky terrain
  • Global placefinder does not work
  • Weird issues with OnMars layer, including blurry islands and WW-638
  • WW-630 - image overlay needs precision fix fix
  • Web browser:
    • entering p, l, v, b into the address field enables/disables WW functions - layer manager, WMS browser...)
    • after changing orientation V<->H (and resizing WW window) the browser might be hidden
    • Links from icons in World Wind don't open up in the web browser
    • Links with target="_blank" attribute open new IE window
  • Atmospheric scattering is enabled for all planets
  • Stars show over atmospheric scattering and the Sun
  • Sun shading - Sun position is correct only for the Earth
  • Planetary Rings are off - need recenter fix Get fixed .cs here
  • If compass is on behind the Layer Manager you end up clicking the compass instead of the Layer Manager
  • Should be able to choose if icon descriptions are shown (new feature, not a bug)
  • Waving flags didn't appear
  • NRL Weather plug-in still has broken links
  • Should be a time reset button
  • Some functions (eg. ModelFeatures !) won't work for french users (at least), due to parsing errors : should add CultureInfo.InvariantCulture to parsing instructions in...
    • PluginSDK/ConfigurationLoader.cs, ll. 2010-2021 : in Convert.ToSingle instructions (should be the same for commented addWater function a few lines below)
    • WorldWind/NRLWeather.cs, ll. 237-240 : in Double.Parse instructions
    • WorldWind/ShapeFileLoader.cs, ll. 857 and 889 : in Float.Parse instructions
    • Plugin PlanetaryRings.cs, ll 162-163 : Double.Parse
  • Amount of information logged to WorldWind.log should be reduced
  • WMS Browser: couldn't connect to GLOBE server (System FormatException: Input String was not in a correct format)

Minor bugs

  • Compass 3D and scale bar show a light rectangle overlay (should be transparent)
  • Compass 3D and scale bar position and size and not saved across sessions
  • Help->Walktrough points to old site (
  • Help->About World Wind - the image doesn't fit
  • NRL Weather plug-in still has broken links
  • Compass doesn't have an icon to turn it on as in previous versions
  • Clicking icons on the toolbar (Layer Manager, Lat/Lon lines) doesn't change the View menu
  • If there are newer versions shall we remove old add-ons/plugins? (i.e. Flags of the World/Waving Flags, Atmosphere plugin/Atmospheric scattering)

Installer Bugs

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