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Applications and applets using World Wind Java SDK:

  • Geozilla Open-source WMS (Web Map Service) browser from Geoforge project
  • Image:geotriple_t_20.png GeoTriple Open-source application platform for Geosciences from Geoforge project
  • Image:georeader_t_20.png GeoReader Open-source self-contained document reader for Geosciences from Geoforge project
  • The Layered Earth Interactive Earth Science and Geology Curriculum for the Middle School and High School Curriculum.
  • WorldWind Java Demo Page A number of WorldWind Java example applications, applets and user applications of the SDK.
  • Macedonian cadastre WebGIS viewer
  • DiSTI F-16 Flight Simulator
  • blueMarine an open source application for the digital photo workflow
  • World Wind Eclipse RCP Geobrowser
  • JSatTrak a satellite tracking program
  • Tessalit Voyages (language: French) Agence de voyages - carte des circuits en 3D avec WWJ (d'autres circuits seront bientôt rajoutés) / Travel agency, website in english coming soon
  • GIS Solution applets (language: Italian)
  • LandPrint Designer
  • GeoMapAppVG A Virtual Globe or Mercator Projection visualization of Marine Geological and Geophysical data (requires authentication)
  • Paralog Skydiver's logbook with visualization of GPS tracks.
  • IDIOM Media Watch on Climate Change A three-dimensional knowledge planet (prototype is accessible via the 3D button in the upper right corner of the Semantic Map View).
  • SzwÄ™draczek (download page) J2ME application for GPS navigation + PC application for prepairing scanned maps (stitching, calibrating and tiling) (language: Polish)
  • MoteNav A simple application for browsing WWJ using a wiimote controller and two IR LEDs. The application is also capable of bookmark navigation via speech recognition.
  • GeoWind an open source GIS platform that integrates OGC as implemented GeoTools within NASA's WorldWind
  • Capcode a free software able to retrieve data from the NMEA compatible equipments of your boat to be displayed on the PC screen
  • MyUniPortal MyUniPortal combines videos, searches, maps, web pages and live cams in a multi document interface (MDI) type windows environment
  • Repast Simphony - free and open source agent-based modeling toolkit
  • GeoAgSys 4D
  • ORA visualization/anaysis tool for spatially embedded social networks
  • Bio7 Integrated development environment for ecological modelling with a main focus on individual based modelling and spatially explicit models
  • Gaea+ features a rich combination of 3d building, landmark, street, and aerial photography data for Slovenia
  • NEST Next ESA SAR Toolbox open source toolbox for reading, post-processing, analysing and visualising SAR data. WWJ is used for a flat world map and 3D view of SAR overlays.
  • Videso 3D Visualization of air navigation datas (en-route sectors, trajectories, radars, ...).
  • EOLI European Space Agency's client for the Earth Observation, Multi-mission, Catalogue and Ordering Services
  • GA World Wind Suite Open source tools created by Geoscience Australia (GA), including a 3D Data Viewer, Animator and Tiler. Publicly released 3D Data Viewer available here.

Links to external articles, blogs and documents about WWJ can be found on External links (examples, blogs, etc.) page.

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