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Spare-time C# coder from The Netherlands. Tim has made great contributions to the World Wind Core (see ), entered Google's SoC (see Summer of Code 2006 Projects#Student Teacher interaction system), and also made many useful plug-ins.

[edit] Comments from friends

ShockFire made the basic image, which I then added the marbles to and rendered with Maxwell Studio.
ShockFire made the basic image, which I then added the marbles to and rendered with Maxwell Studio.

Tim is a great coder, we first met when World Wind was fairly new, he was one of the main coders and bug fixers at the time, and was a friendly face who helped out anyone, as long as they coded 'correctly' that is.

We became pretty good friends fairly quickly, he attempted to teach me to code in .Net, but even though was patient and a good teacher I could never truly 'get it', so we moved on to more fun things instead. He taught me how to use Maxwell render, and showed his artistic side with some of his creations.

Over the years I have enjoyed testing many of his programs, some just for fun and others with real applications. The quality of a ShockFire product is always outstanding, but being a perfectionist he was never satisfied with any of them, with all the testing I have done Tim has given me the title of 'Piggy', which of course I don't mind.

After 'officially' leaving the World Wind community (yeah right, he could never really leave us) we kept in touch by IM, and have had many conversations about important topics such as firefly and why nbc always cancel our favourite TV shows. Conversations with Tim are always fun, but we do talk about serious issues too, such as his concern for his Mother when she had surgery, and he has always listened when I am going through a tough time.

Daniel, United Kingdom.

I was Tim's GSOC mentor and he was a great person to work with. I learned as much from him as he did from me and he is sorely missed. The stuff he did on STIP was far better than the same kind of things I did and despite some so-so guidance from me it worked out in the end. I'm still using and working with his KML code and his many other contributions even today and he was always fun to chat with on IM.

I wish I had known him as well as Daniel because I never knew he was a browncoat. But I am not surprised. :)


[edit] Released Add-ons/Plugins by ShockFire

[edit] ShockFire's sudden death


In the Summer of 2008, Tim was diagnosed to have a generally curable form of cancer (Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma). That lead to a series of chemotherapy treatments. But although Tim lost all his hair in the process, he didn't loose his sense of humor. If all went well, he would regain his full health (and his hair). Many internet friends with whom he regularly communicated were unaware of his serious (but not life-threatening) condition.

However, on November 24th 2008, after successfully completing the chemotherapy series, his condition suddenly worsened. Despite excellent medical care, he died early on November 25th while under narcosis to prevent any suffering. As far as we know, Tim never realy seriously considered the option that he would die young, especially not in such a sudden way. We are struck with disbelief.

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Peter, Tim's father, The Netherlands
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