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Wow.. this came up as a wanted page. Apparently people are clicking on my link here.. and checking out my page.

Hmm.. I used to have an email address people could contact me with. But I'm so swamped.

Bah.. anyone can change this. So I leave this up for other people to fill in. What exactly is my life story?


Edit: I thought I'd fill in the blanks.

–– Hi Llynix. It's amazing whre you can end up theese day. I accidentally got here, but let me add a few words about your life story :)

You're gonna live a great and legendary life and have lotsa success ;) Yeap. But don't forget what your friend told you when you were 10 and never give up what is worthy for you :))) Haha, just kidding. Hope you getthe joke ;)

Good luck

Yeah.. never meant to live a great and legendary life.. but it appears that's right.

Ohh well.. we pick and choose our fates.. that is unless our freedom is taken away from us. Then if we are bright enough we force our way through and into them.

Peace out (in a good way :)

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