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[edit] About Me

Location (current) 
Bay Area CA
Location (permanent) 
  • Washington State/Puget Sound
    • Seattle
    • Friday Harbor
    • Port Townsend
  • Student (two more papers)
  • Broke
Past Occupations 
  • Construction
    • maintenance manager for student cooperative I live in- never do this if you value personal time and space
    • carpenter
    • roofer
    • grunt
  • Commercial harvest diver, Puget Sound & SE Alaska
    • sea urchins
    • sea cucumbers
    • scallops
    • bottles
    • recovery of 'escaped' items, mostly for tourists
    • one 5000lb naval anchor buried in mud at bottom of bay since WWII
    • 'harvested' for personal junk collection many barnacle-encrusted 'things'
  • Commercial fisherman, Puget Sound & SE Alaska & Bristol Bay & Dutch Harbor/Bering Sea
    • salmon
    • dogfish (and one very large [6-7 meters in length] scary [mouth large enough to swallow diver with gear] shark from the vicinity of a gloomy and forsaken underwater moonscape I regularly harvested urchins at in spite of permanently low visibility conditions)
    • cod
    • sole
    • rockfish, snapper
    • crab, multiple species
    • whatever else might have been in season that could be caught and sold
  • stage hand/lighting tech
  • Bouncer/security
  • bodyguard (occasional, part time - in the distant past)
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