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This is the list of plugins that are currently installed with WW. Please add opinions/reasoning on whether they should stay as part of the default install.

Plugins that aren't user-friendly stable or enough should be removed from the install. Ideally, anything that comes with WW by default shouldn't require research to use.


[edit] Plugins currently installed and default load/unload status

[edit] Scalebar Legend (on at startup)

  • keep (withak)

[edit] NRLWeather loader (on at startup)

  • keep (withak)

[edit] Kml importer (on at startup)

[edit] Bmng loader (on at startup)

  • required (withak)

[edit] Placefinder loader (on at startup)

  • required (withak)

[edit] Light controller (on at startup)

  • required (withak)

[edit] Joystick

[edit] Waving flags (on at startup)

[edit] Atmosphere (on at startup)

  • keep (withak)

[edit] ShapefileLoader (on at startup)

[edit] External Layer manager

[edit] Movie recorder

  • remove, not user-friendly enough (withak)

[edit] Compass

  • remove (withak)

[edit] Stars 3d (on at startup)

  • keep (withak)

[edit] Dynamic clouds

[edit] Overview form

  • remove or fix/replace (withak)

[edit] MeasuretoolNG

  • remove (withak)

[edit] Time controller

  • required (withak)

[edit] Measure tool

  • keep (withak)

[edit] Compass 3d

[edit] Shapefile Info tool

[edit] RSS earthquake

  • keep (withak)

[edit] Historical earthquake query

[edit] Global clouds

  • keep (withak)

[edit] Image overlay

[edit] Planetary rings

  • keep (withak)

[edit] Satellite tracker

  • remove or fix, not user-friendly (withak)

[edit] Virtual Earth

  • keep (withak)

[edit] On screen clock

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