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(Satellite tracker)
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=== Virtual Earth=== === Virtual Earth===
* keep (withak) * keep (withak)
-* gone (patrick)+* gone, recommend user install (patrick)
=== On screen clock=== === On screen clock===

Revision as of 06:13, 7 January 2007

This is the list of plugins that are currently installed with WW. Please add opinions/reasoning on whether they should stay as part of the default install.

Plugins that aren't user-friendly stable or enough should be removed from the install. Ideally, anything that comes with WW by default shouldn't require research to use, regardless of how useful it might be.

Plugins currently installed and default load/unload status

Scalebar Legend (on at startup)

  • keep (withak)

NRLWeather loader (on at startup)

  • keep (withak)

Kml importer (on at startup)

Bmng loader (on at startup)

  • required (withak)

Placefinder loader (on at startup)

  • required (withak)

Light controller (on at startup)

  • required (withak)


Waving flags (on at startup)

Atmosphere (on at startup)

  • keep (withak)

ShapefileLoader (on at startup)

External Layer manager

Kill it

Movie recorder

  • remove, not user-friendly enough (withak)
  • recommend user install (patrick)


  • remove (withak)

Stars 3d (on at startup)

  • keep (withak)

Dynamic clouds

Overview form

  • remove or fix/replace (withak)


  • remove (withak)

Time controller

  • required (withak)

Measure tool

  • keep (withak)

Compass 3d

Shapefile Info tool

RSS earthquake

  • keep (withak)
  • keep (patrick)

Historical earthquake query

  • keep (TomServo) - useful to educators and students
  • keep, user-friendly (withak)
  • keep (patrick)

Global clouds

  • keep (withak)

Image overlay

Planetary rings

  • keep (withak)
  • recommend user install (patrick)

Satellite tracker

  • remove or fix, not user-friendly (withak)
  • gone, recommend user install (patrick)

Virtual Earth

  • keep (withak)
  • gone, recommend user install (patrick)

On screen clock

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