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I have designed some logos for WorldWind Central. Please give your comments. Any comments/criticism/suggestions are welcomed.


World Wind .NET issues no longer in JIRA at the moment

As of the moment of this post, the .NET version of World Wind does not have a JIRA project on the NASA site. There is a discussion on this and the possibility of another seperate JIRA instance on the developer forums. Also separately there is a thread for .NET Developers to track issues for 1.4.1 also on the forums. I will add a link to this thread under the Other Feedback Mechanisms section. I would like to see the page reworked to indicate the current status of bug-tracking for .NET versions. AFAIK the java version issues are still tracked on the nasa JIRA instance linked from this article --Ammianus 18:41, 22 February 2009 (UTC)


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