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I have a question. How do I control the red box to locate the area which I want to see? In fact, the red box always jump from one place to another, but they are not the area I want to see. Can the box be fixed on the area I want to see, and only download data there? It will save much time! --There is no way to directly control the red box. However the next version does have significant improvements in where the red box chooses to download. User:Llynix

Highlight a country?

Is it possible, or will it be possible in future versions of WW, to highlight one selected country? It would be nice if it were e.g. possible to see one country as usual, but to see all surrounding countries as if they were seen through milkcolored glass. Interesting idea, not sure.


I am having problems viewing some of the layers on my laptop but not on my desktop. My laptop either gives be a white screen or a partial map for the Urban view (and others). Laptop works fine in NLT Landsat 7. My desktop doesn't have any problem when viewing the same area is all modes. I did load the latest version or world wind on my laptop. On my desktop PC I had downloaded the latest version and the prior fix (thought this was redundant and didn't do it on the laptop). I did a dxdiag an found no problems. Is this a hardware problem or possibly am I missing part of the world wind program? Any suggestions? Please post on the forums -, it sounds like your laptop's graphics card is too old

To measure distances==

Hey, it would be nice to have some kind of floating scale or ruler to measure distances and to have an idea of current zoom level.

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