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This page is for discussing the FAQ document. (discussions to clarify text, add sections, etc)

If you have a support question please consult the Forums or Chat.

Two issues: 1 The Lat and Lon data for New Plymouth, New Zealand that is accessed in the Search function is incorrect. It should be lat=-39.05819 & lon=174.07835. 2 I suggest that you setup an easier way for the users to provide feedback on the accuracy of the data, particularly outside the USA.


How does one pronounce World Wind? Is it WIND as in blowing air, or WYND as in winding up a toy?

Wind as in air.  :-) --Nosilleg 21:06, 14 Apr 2006 (UTC)

Lake Irie?

Just loaded WorldWind V1.4. Noticed that it insists on calling Lake Erie "Lake Irie". Got a bad spelling in the placenames data. Not sure where to go to report this, so I mention it here hoping someone will forward the issue onto wherever it needs to go.

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