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This page is for discussing the FAQ document. (discussions to clarify text, add sections, etc)

If you have a support question please consult the Forums or Chat.

Two issues: 1 The Lat and Lon data for New Plymouth, New Zealand that is accessed in the Search function is incorrect. It should be lat=-39.05819 & lon=174.07835. 2 I suggest that you setup an easier way for the users to provide feedback on the accuracy of the data, particularly outside the USA.


How does one pronounce World Wind? <a href=""> well fargo </a> <a href=""> gmac mortgage </a> <a href=""> weight watcher </a> <a href=""> sams club </a> <a href=""> tadalafil </a> <a href=""> crestor </a> <a href=""> levaquin </a> It's a very interesting Is it WIND as in blowing air, or WYND as in winding up a toy?

Wind as in air.  :-) --Nosilleg 21:06, 14 Apr 2006 (UTC)
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