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LangString Requirement1 ${LANG_ITALIANO} " e' necessario. Vuoi iniziare a scaricarlo ora? -- Please restart this installer after installing" LangString Requirement2 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "World Wind verra' installato anche se il computer non sembra rispondere ai requisiti minimi necessari." LangString Success ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Installazione completata con successo.$\rWould Vuoi leggere le note ora?" LangString Uninstall1 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Sei sicuro di voler rimuovere NASA World Wind?" LangString Uninstall2 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Vuoi tenere la cartella cache di World Wind?" LangString MultiInstance ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Il programma di installazione e' gia' avviato." LangString RequireAdmin ${LANG_ITALIANO} "You do not currently have administrator priviledges. Please login with administrator priviledges or contact your Administrator to install this application." LangString Requirement3 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Installing Managed Directx Assemblies."

Spanish translation

It's the second time I have to fix it. Please don't edit it if you don't speak Spanish well. It had some ortographic errors that made it look really bad. Thanks


It seems that, for some reason, Cyrillic letter es (�?) can't be displayed on the wiki. Anyone have any idea about it? (IP that edited them was me, I haven't noticed that I wasn't logged in) ProjectRastko 13:18, 19 Jun 2005 (GMT)

Translation maintenance

How do you all feel about changing the system of translations maintenance so that each translation is led by a person or a team? Putting the translations on the wiki, where anyone can edit them, doesn't seem optimal. We need someone, or a team, who has the final say on which translations are correct. --Jessi 23:43, 20 Jun 2005 (GMT)

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