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-LangString Requirement1 ${LANG_ITALIANO} " e' necessario. Vuoi iniziare a scaricarlo ora? -- Please restart this installer after installing"  
-LangString Requirement2 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "World Wind verra' installato anche se il computer non sembra rispondere ai requisiti minimi necessari."  
-LangString Success ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Installazione completata con successo.$\rWould Vuoi leggere le note ora?"  
-LangString Uninstall1 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Sei sicuro di voler rimuovere NASA World Wind?"  
-LangString Uninstall2 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Vuoi tenere la cartella cache di World Wind?"  
-LangString MultiInstance ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Il programma di installazione e' gia' avviato."  
-LangString RequireAdmin ${LANG_ITALIANO} "You do not currently have administrator priviledges. Please login with administrator priviledges or contact your Administrator to install this application."  
-LangString Requirement3 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Installing Managed Directx Assemblies." 
== Spanish translation == == Spanish translation ==

Current revision

[edit] Spanish translation

It's the second time I have to fix it. Please don't edit it if you don't speak Spanish well. It had some ortographic errors that made it look really bad. Thanks

[edit] Cyrillic

It seems that, for some reason, Cyrillic letter es (�?) can't be displayed on the wiki. Anyone have any idea about it? (IP that edited them was me, I haven't noticed that I wasn't logged in) ProjectRastko 13:18, 19 Jun 2005 (GMT)

[edit] Translation maintenance

How do you all feel about changing the system of translations maintenance so that each translation is led by a person or a team? Putting the translations on the wiki, where anyone can edit them, doesn't seem optimal. We need someone, or a team, who has the final say on which translations are correct. --Jessi 23:43, 20 Jun 2005 (GMT)

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