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Well, it is nice to see the Chinese wiki is online. Thanks for the effort. But I find some contents in “Add-On list “ and “Unofficial FAQ (SC)�? are unreadable in Chinese. I do not know whether it is my IE browser’s problem (I use Unicode UTF-8) or some translation mistakes. It also seems that the Unofficial FAQ (SC) part is not updated for a long time. I am interested in maintaining this Chinese wiki website including managing discussions and translate English articles, like those articles in “First steps�? and “Documentation�?, into Chinese. Anyone can hear me? ^_^

It would be fantastic if you would be willing to do updates!
The pages are in UTF-8, but for some reason the characters don't always come out right. You may want to experiment to see if it was a problem with the way it was last input. Just make sure the page names are in English followed by (SC). Any links can be pipe renamed to Chinese text.
And you should probably create an account so that we can follow your edits more easily. :-)
--Nosilleg 22:43, 5 Jun 2005 (CDT)
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