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-Well, it is nice to see the Chinese wiki is online. Thanks for the effort. 
-But I find some contents in “Add-On list “ and “Unofficial FAQ (SC)�? are unreadable in Chinese.  
-I do not know whether it is my IE browser’s problem (I use Unicode UTF-8) or some translation mistakes. It also seems that the Unofficial FAQ (SC) part is not updated for a long time.  
-I am interested in maintaining this Chinese wiki website including managing discussions and translate English articles, like those articles in “First steps�? and “Documentation�?, into Chinese.  
-Anyone can hear me? ^_^ 
-:It would be fantastic if you would be willing to do updates!<br> The pages are in UTF-8, but for some reason the characters don't always come out right. You may want to experiment to see if it was a problem with the way it was last input. Just make sure the page names are in English followed by (SC). Any links can be pipe renamed to Chinese text.<br> And you should probably create an account so that we can follow your edits more easily. :-)<br> --[[User:Nosilleg|Nosilleg]] 22:43, 5 Jun 2005 (CDT) 

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