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ATI Rage Compatibility

Known bug that doesn't support 3d graphics in WW. Most ATI Rage chips will all have the same problem when trying to do flyovers/motion momentum Rage Pro may have limited success with 3D, but a driver developer that I spoke with from ATI says that there is no workaround, and unfortunately the hardware is just too old.

ATI has fully discontinued driver development for the rage chips and if there are any new drivers, that they will have to be written by independant programmers.

Intel issues

Do we have any reference for the "raised the issue to the engineering group" comment, or was that in an email or such? Any way that we can track it? --Nosilleg 02:55, 24 Jun 2005 (GMT)

How do i know, if it is a video card issue?

How do i know, if i have a video card problem?

While trying to start WorldWind 1.3.2 a message box with the title "An error has occurred", text "Error in application" pops up. Then an other message box without more useful information.


Graphic Card problems

I have I little problem:

I have the graphic card: Riva TNT2 M64/M64 Pro

Windows World Wind doesn't work:

World Wind Error A Fatal Error has occurred: The following error(s) occurred: Unable to create the Direct3D m_Device3d.

I have the Version: 6.14.0010.5673.

I don't find the right driver for my card.

Can anyone help me?

Video Card Memory

Is there any minimum requirements for the memory of the video card? I am surprise to see

nVidia GeForce 2 MX: Ok 

in the compatibility list as this card, I thing, only have 32 MB of memory.

Nvidia "reboot not needed" is wrong

The comment "You DON'T need to do this with Nvidia drivers.Just use the installer." is incorrect. I have had to explain to many people who've had their graphics drivers trashed that they DO have to reboot before and after running Nvidia's installer. Otherwise the lowest-level hardware drivers are not replaced because they're still open and locked while Windows is running. 180322yueqin

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