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About WorldWind

About Google Summer of Code

See the Google SoC FAQ page

WW SoC Coordinator

Chad Zimmerman
Board of Directors, The Free Earth Foundation

Nigel Tzeng

Project Ideas

Have an idea for a project, post it in here for consideration.


Re-Implementation of WorldWind Virtual Earth plug-in

Suggested By: Chad Zimmerman
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
The original plug-in was developed by Casey Chesnut as a proof-of-concept project, and has not been updated since. The code is in need of re-development for a new and improved version that will bring in all the Virtual Earth layers, higher accuracy terrain over the UK, Birds-Eye view and 3D buildings. (Yes, this plug-in does have Microsoft's blessing to exist.)

Video over terrain and referencing of Images from UAV's

Suggested By: Tisham Dhar
Difficulty: Simple to Moderate
This was an attempted project in the last SOC, there is some preliminary work and a lot of current interest in the area. It will be good to have some reasonable implementation of this.It can be done using 3D textures for imagelayers to play frames. There is already an implementation of this in Ossim using a simple point camera model with the video being parsed from the file using the FFMpeg decoder and predator KLV data extracted.

Improved 3D model support (Different Formats/Progressive LOD)

Suggested By: Tisham Dhar
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
This will allow multiple formats of 3D models to be improted viewed and placed in WorldWind. It will support a visual handles to allow scaling and positioning/orienting the model.

Advanced movie recording and camera path editing

Suggested By: Tisham Dhar
Difficulty: Simple to Moderate
Expand the movie recording capabilities to tune parameters correctly for machine specifications, interpolate camera paths with splines and allow display and editing of this paths using nodes. Merge the large screenshot function to render portions offline and generate high resolution frames.There is also the possibility to convert recording to use FFMpeg included codecs using SharpFFMPEG wrapper instead of the windows wrapper currently used.

GDAL bases vector and raster importer

Suggested By: Tisham Dhar
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
Use the GDAL C# API efficiently and remove dependencies on FWTools for the OGR vector Importer and GDAL raster importer plugin and package GDAL binaries. Complete styling for vectors and tiling for DEM's and Rasters as well as overview building for generic data import from GDAL supported file formats.In the long run replace Shapefile Loader with OGR Vector Importer.


Local Terrain Sublayers

Suggested By: Tisham Dhar
Difficulty: Simple
Allow local high resolution terrain.


  • Chad Zimmerman
  • Nigel Tzeng
  • Tisham Dhar
  • Isaac Mann


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