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==About== ==About==
 +===About WorldWind===
===WW SoC Coordinator=== ===WW SoC Coordinator===
Chad Zimmerman<br> Chad Zimmerman<br>

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Placeholder for Google SoC2008 page.



About WorldWind

WW SoC Coordinator

Chad Zimmerman
Board of Directors, The Free Earth Foundation

Project Ideas

Have an idea for a project, post it in here for consideration.

WW.Net - Re-Implementation of WorldWind Virtual Earth plug-in

Suggested By: Chad Zimmerman
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
The original plug-in was developed by Casey Chesnut as a prof-it-could-be-done project, and has not been updated since. The code is in need of re-development for a new and improved version that will bring in all the Virtual Earth layers, Birds-Eye view and 3D buildings. (Yes, this plug-in does have Microsoft's blessing to exist.)



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