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I promised a few people this, so here goes.

  • Any place where you see NAME, replace with your add-ons name.
  • Download NSIS and install.
  • Create a directory to work in such as "NAME"
  • Inside this directory create another directory named "Install"
  • Create your .nsi script. Open up notepad (or another favorite text editor) and paste the following:
Name "NAME"
OutFile "NAME.exe"
InstallDir "$PROGRAMFILES\NASA\World Wind v1.3"
InstallDirRegKey HKCU "Software\NASA\World Wind" ""

Section "Main Install"
  SetOutPath $INSTDIR
  File /r "Install\*.*"

Page directory
Page instfiles

Save as NAME.nsi

  • Inside the "Install" directory is where you put your files. Commonly for WW this would be a "Configuration" directory, subdirectory and files, and also a "Data" directory et all. Do not put the "NASA" Directory or "Worldwind v1.3" directory in there. You want only directories and files inside of those. Hopefully this makes sense.
  • Right click on NAME.nsi and choose "Compile NSIS Script" You may also choose the compresser to use. LZMA is the best but most of the add-ons are small so this is trivial.

You should be done! A few notes:

It is pointless to zip up an exe installer, it doesn't save much room (may actually cost some).

So far the best naming convention I've seen has been.


It would be nice if Add-on developers stuck to the same convention especially putting in WW's version number in there. Of course adjust accordingly :)

I hope it's helpfull, please feel free to comment. Special thanks for Nowak for designing the original quick and easy nsi script, and showing me how it's done.

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