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This Road Map should give an indication of the near future of the World Wind project.


Next Release

Upcoming Changes

For a schedule of upcoming changes and features, please see the Issue Tracker Road Map.

In addition, the following list serves as an informational pointer to planned significant changes to the core of World Wind.

NASA People

  • 1.3 stable branch policy, request for comments (Jessi)
  • Enhance rendering for blending multiple layers (cmaxwell)
    • Expected Version: 1.4
  • Enhance XML-Based scripting support (cmaxwell)
    • Expected Version: 1.5
  • Define "pre-compiled" DLL plugin support architecture (cmaxwell)
    • Expected Version: 1.6


  • Getting Audio, Video and Display Images working in scripting. (Adamhill)
  • Reworking downloading and displaying of images and terrain information (dhumpohl)
    • There will be a global download queue where every download is put into
    • Logic for all renderable classes should be like:
      • Look for a needed file in cache
      • If that file isn't there, put it into the download queue (download queue will detect duplicate download requests and ignore them) and stop work
      • On the next rendering step look again..
  • Experimental C#/VB/JScript.NET Script Engine (Mashiharu)
  • Improving user input to be more modular (Adamhill) (currently on the backburner)
    • Separate out into commands.
    • Drive commands from Plugins
    • Write base set of DirectX input device Plugins (kbd, mouse, joystick, gamepad)

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