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So you've checked in some code that broke the build or shouldn't have gone in. How do you revert, or back out, your checkins?


  1. Using cia, nasa-exp-checkins, World Wind Builds, and SourceForge ViewCVS, figure out which files you changed and what the previous revision numbers were. If the file is SettingsBase.cs and your new revision is 1.5, you want to revert to revision 1.4.
  2. For each of the modified files, right-click on them and select CVS -> Revision Graph.
  3. Right-click on the old revision number. Click Save this revision as. Save as a local file.
  4. Delete the current-CVS files from your sandbox. For example, delete SettingsBase.cs.
  5. Rename the previous revision you saved as the current-CVS filename. For example rename SettingsBase.1.4.cs to be SettingsBase.cs.\
  6. Make sure you do this with all the files you want to revert.
  7. Commit your changes. This backs out your checkins.
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