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Randy has been asking what graphics would be useful for 1.3.4, so all requests should be added here.


[edit] Icons

  • palace of versailles
  • petra
  • sphinx
  • galapagos
  • alamo
  • grand canyon
  • death valley
  • mt.rushmore
  • independance hall
  • cn tower
  • niagra falls
  • capitol building
  • washington monument
  • plane
  • boat
  • castle
  • car
  • space rocket
  • lunar lander
  • train
  • underground
  • tramway
  • bus

[edit] Shortcuts

a couple more .ico's I made for add-ons http://www.twobeds.com/nasa/bull/earth.ico http://www.twobeds.com/nasa/bull/3venus.ico

[edit] Splash Screen

  • a new shiny splash screen

[edit] Buttons

  • A download WW button, small, medium and large
  • A download WW add-on button
  • A button for the new network layers (like GE has)
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