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Needed Functionality

This currently is an imcomplete list of the Microsoft.DirectX functionality within WorldWind. You can view the current status here Porting_WW:_Current_DirectX. This list needs to be completed and trimmed to the minimum before selecting a 3D engine.

  • CustomVertex
    • CustomVertex.PositionColored[] - custom vertex format structure that contains postion and color information
    • CustomVertex.TransformedColored[] - custom vertex format structure that contains transformed vertices and color information
  • Device - provides access to devices, properties, set behavior, perform initialization, etc.
    • DeviceCaps – Retrieves the capabilities of the rendering device [where used? private method]
      • MaxTextureHeight – Retrieves the maximum texture height for the current device.
  • Matrix – describes and manipulates a matrix
    • RotationAxis – Builds a matrix that rotates around an arbitrary axis
  • Quaternion - describes and manipulates a quaternion
  • Plane – describes and manipulates a plane
  • Sprite – provides methods and properties to simplify the drawing of sprites
  • Surface – queries and prepares surfaces
    • Description – description of a surface
  • SurfaceDescription – describes a surface
    • Height
    • Width
  • Texture
    • GetLevelDescription – retrieves a level description of a texture
    • GetSurfaceLevel – retrieves the specified texture surface level
    • LockRectangle – locks a rectangle on a texture resource
    • TextureLoader.FromFile – Creates a texture from a file
    • TextureLoader.FromStream – creates a texture from a file in memory
    • UnlockRectangle – unlocks a rectangle on a texture resource
    • Filter [enum] – defines texture filtering modes for a texture stage
    • LockFlags [enum] – defines the type of lock to perform
    • Pool [enum] – Memory class that holds buffers for a resource
  • Vector3 – Describes and manipulates a vector in three-dimensional (3-D) space.
    • Cross – Determines the cross product of two 3-D vectors
    • LengthSq – Returns the square of the length of a 3-D vector
    • Normalize – returns the normalized version of a 3-D vector
    • Scale - Scales a 3-D vector
    • Subtract - Subtracts two 3-D vectors
    • TransformCoordinate – Transforms a 3-D vector or an array of 3-D vectors by a given matrix, projecting the result back into w = 1.
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