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==How-to== ==How-to==
 +===How do I print debug data on screen?==
 +Check [ WorldWindow].RenderPositionInfo for ideas on how to draw text on screen.
===How do I subscribe to the event that fires when vertical exaggeration changes=== ===How do I subscribe to the event that fires when vertical exaggeration changes===

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Is it possible to run binary plugins

In addition to loading source code plugins World Wind also probes for .dll files inside the Plugins directory that implement the plugin interface. If found they will be displayed in the Plugin Dialog.

Which programming languages are supported

Currently,, C# and in addition to pre-compiled binary plugins.


Why doesn't World Wind unload my plugin cleanly

It is the responsibilty of the plugin to restore World Wind to the original state when the plugin is unloaded. For example if the plugin adds menu items, the plugin must remove those menu items when unloading.


=How do I print debug data on screen?

Check WorldWindow.RenderPositionInfo for ideas on how to draw text on screen.

How do I subscribe to the event that fires when vertical exaggeration changes

Currently events aren't used in World Wind. If you are writing a layer you can instead in the Update method store the current vertical exaggeration value. Next time your update method is called (by the background worker thread) you check if it has changed.

How do I access the layer list (renderable objects)


This RenderableObjectList contains a collection of RenderableObjects and RenderableObjectLists making it a tree.

How do I get the location of WW's main directory


How do I reference additional assemblies from my plugin

Use the REFERENCES keyword in the Plugin Header.

How do I add my own property dialog for a layer

Override OnPropertiesClick for example like this:

/// <summary>
/// Layer properties context menu item
/// </summary>
protected virtual void OnPropertiesClick(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
  m_propertyBrowser = new MyFancyPropertyDialog(this);

How do I remote control World Wind

ParentApplication.WorldWindow.GotoLatLonAltitude(50.94299, 6.96291, 10000)

How do I retrieve the current position


How do I detect what directory my plugin was loaded from

The Plugin base class has a property PluginDirectory that contains the path from which the plugin was loaded. This path may be used to find any additional files you may want to load.

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