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The Place Finder allows you to search for named locations within World Wind. You can also save a named location as a Favorite.



The Place Finder main window.
The Place Finder main window.

The easiest way to locate a specific place is with the Place Finder.

  1. Type in some words found in the name of the place that you are looking for. Capitals and spelling matter.
  2. Click Search, or press the [Enter] key.
  3. Wait. This may take a long time.
  4. Locate the place that you are looking for in the list and click on it. In this case, Mount Saint Helens is the first one on the list. You can tell because the type column says “summit�?, and it is a mountain that we are looking for.
  5. Choose Go.

Practice Exercise

  1. Locate “Lake Cowichan�?.
  2. Rotate your view to see the shape of the Cowichan Valley.
  3. Follow the path of the valley to Duncan

Locating a Place by its Coordinates

If you already know the coordinates of a place you wish to see, you may enter them into the Place Finder and then click go.

Practice Exercise

  1. Go to coordinates 5.8, -55 at an altitude of 14km. What are the white objects that you see?
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