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Tisham Dhar (what_nick)
Working for ( Apogee Imaging International ) with commit access to WW SVN and quite a bit of code commits in non-rendering related features.Got 1 line of credit in DStile Howto. Trying very hard to bring watermarked Imagery and Terrain to WW. The sections that have seen contributions include Shapefile Support, KML Support, MeasureToool, WMS Importer, WFS Placenames, Placefinder, Virtual Earth Plugin and 3D Textured Models among others.
Jason Ellison (nosilleg)
Lead Knowledge Base (wiki) editor.
Jessica Gan (Jessi)
Former NLT Employee, stops by every once and a while.
Tim van den Hamer (ShockFire)
Spare-time C# coder from The Netherlands. Tim has made great contributions to the World Wind Core (see ) and also made many useful plug-ins.
David Humpohl ("fool")
Tweaking, twiddeling and trying to understand the source...
Gilles Kohl
Community developer (fast search, place finder improvements, proxy support), Microsoft mapping MVP, ISV development lead in real life.
Michał Kursa (m_k)
Another bored student from Poland (just the lazier one). Trying to help wherever I can. I waste my time on #worldwind channel, moderate the forums and wiki, created some add-ons... I also designed the FEF logo
David "dgm" Mays
Chris Maxwell (former Lead Developer and creator of NASA World Wind) (cmaxwell)
Patrick Murris (Patmurris)
Community developer from Montreal, Canada. Mainly visual enhancements plugins (sky dome, fog, stars...) and some core terrain tesselation code now part of 1.3.3 (Ctrl-W to have a look).
Russ Nelson (nelson)
Contributing to Shapefile support.
Erik Newman (withak)
Dave Patton (dpatton)
Live in Vancouver, B.C., host city for the 2010 Olympics.
Geoff Peters (urobots)
Bjorn Reppen (mashiharu / mashi)
C# code monkey (World Wind application) from Norway. Home:
Thomas Risan
Seth Steben (barnacle9)
Pretends to actually do something, usually just pesters more astute folks on IRC with dumb questions and crazy rants. Sometimes prone to telling tall tales of adventure on the high seas. Seriously, though, I have been addicted to maps my whole life, and WW is the coolest thing ever
Anthony Taylor (Llynix)
Are we putting personal bios here or what we do for world wind? Well I am currently the principal maintainer of the installer and webmaster for worldwindcentral. I am also a forum moderator, IRC chatroom founder, and lead complainer. Outside of ww I tutor math for a measily part time living at Vernon College and take care of a loving woman and her wonderful daughter. I am no relation to Dom below.
James Whitaker (Pangloss)
Content developer; planets, geophysical and enthnographic data.
Martin Zoepfl (mazop)
likes all kind of 'mapping craziness'. plays around and also works with Desktop GIS, WebGIS and 3D Globe Viewers. Martin's AddOns Collection for WorldWind: Free Add-on Collection
Barney Holmes (DJ Barney) (Forum - MouseOnMars, IRC - grobda24)
Add on developer. Marker generation using SQL and CGI, PHP. After a hiatus I'm trying to move into the Space Industry. My interests lie at Mars and the other space missions, but my XML generating projects can also improve development for Earth. My main interest is Space Exploration using correlated data and images from the various satellites. Here is my my last add on, and here a current in development project.

Free Earth Foundation Board of Directors

Daniel Baker (bull)
I'm a Brit (sorry) located in the Midlands not far from Dominic, I admin on the forums, keep an eye on the hotspots section and maintain many sections of WWC, develop add-ons (when I'm bored), contribute to the source in tiny ways (see ), and hang out on irc (annoying the real devs with bugs and suggestions) and try to keep Chad from scaring away the geekettes.
Jeffery Candiloro ("SpaceChicken")
Australian developer and Entrepreneur.
Adam Hill (Community Developer/Thregecy Inc.) (adamhill)
.NET programmer. Wrote a chapter in Mapping Hacks about NWW. Worked with Shell Exploration in visualizing their data in NWW. Currently working on a real Windows Installer based install and a Xbox 360 port.
Matt Mills (f0urtyfive)
Runs Has been successful in creating World Wind Datasets. Founding Incorporator of The Free Earth Foundation the parent company of World Wind Central, also a director on the Board of Directors. Owns Ceteranet Network Systems a webhosting and colocation firm.
Adam Nowacki (Nowak)
Bored Polish student. C/C++ programmer and Linux/BSD server administrator. Doing all the hard tech work behind FEF and WWC. Wrote DSTile, TileService, FEF Cluster software and many other small bits. Is keeping all the servers alive and updated. Looking all the time for more geodata to process.
Dominic Taylor (TheBean)
Forming the Brit contingent along with Daniel, I'm a student on a gap year and then I'm off to study Computer Science & Networks at Plymouth university. I moderate the forums with Chad and Anthony.
Chad Zimmerman (Tom Servo)
Member of the Open Source community of World Wind uses since October 2004, one of the main World Wind bloggers and a founding board member of the Free Earth Foundation founded in 2006. He is active in development of the Earthquake Plug-In for World Wind and has created several scientific add-ons. He works closely with the NASA World Wind team to help bring data into World Wind from governmental sources in the US and Europe. He is currently working on projects to help bring World Wind into the classroom and is working with and giving presentations for the Rendezvous Center in San Diego, California. He also develops documentation and user tours for World Wind and also provides support for user groups wanting to use World Wind.

NASA World Wind

Tom Gaskins (Technical Manager)
NASA employee working on the JAVA / JOGL version of NASA World Wind
Patrick Hogan (Project Manager) (Patrick)
Former pilot (licensed), deep sea diver (certified), high school science teacher (credentialed), and Registered Geologist in the State of California. Managed NASA Learning Technologies for three years, after a dozen years with the NASA environmental and safety office at Ames Research Center doing groundwater management and other insundry duties. Now having the experience of a lifetime, working with this world-class World Wind team and its extended family of ever-do-wells making up the richly talented open source community.
Randy Kim (Designer) ("Vigilant")

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