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The Moon
The Moon

The Earth's Moon is now viewable from within World Wind (using version 1.3.3 or above) and has full 3D terrain. For more information on whats new in 1.3.3 visit the Guide to 1.3.3.


[edit] Moon Tutorial

A flash tutorial that explains how to view the Moon in World Wind can be found at the World Wind Tours Homepage.

[edit] Viewing the Moon

You can view the Moon by either double clicking the 'World Wind Moon 1.3' desktop icon (see the image on the right of this page), selecting Start->Programs->NASA->World Wind Moon 1.3, or after launching World Wind by switching to the Moon from the File menu.

[edit] Moon Layers

The different Moon layers can be toggled on and off by clicking the corresponding icon in World Winds toolbar (see image below).

[edit] Clementine

  • 40xx - Colour, created using a combination of several spectral bands from the Clementine mission.

  • 30xx - Greyscale, created using a single spectral band from the Clementine mission.

More information about the Clementine mission can be found at the Clementine Project homepage.

[edit] Shaded Elevation Map

  • Shaded Elevation Map - Created using data from the USGS. The color of the map represents the elevation. The highest points are represented in red. The lowest points are represented in purple. In decending order the colors are red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. More information can be found in this USGS document (PDF).

[edit] Moon Add-Ons

For information on how to use World Wind Add-Ons visit the Add-on Launchpad.

[edit] Lunar Landmarks

The Lunar Landmarks Add-On displays the locations of various NASA related landmarks located on the Moon, clickable icons open related web pages, from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, in your web browser. For more information and to download this Add-On please visit the Lunar Landmarks Add-On page.

[edit] Apollo Landings

This Add-On shows all the landing sites for the Apollo missions, the icons are linked to NASA's history pages, and the descriptions displayed are taken from those pages. For more information and to download this Add-On please visit the Apollo Landings Add-On page.

[edit] Stars and Stars3D

These Plug-In's both give World Wind a starfield background, Stars3D dynamicaly renders a realistic starfield using data from the Hipparcos catalog, Stars renders a simple starfield texture from a jpeg image. For more information and to download these Plug-Ins please visit the Stars3D and Stars Plug-In pages.

[edit] Moon Pictures

This Add-On has markers on the moon that you can click on to see images from that area. This Add-On is compiled from several Apollo landings, Satellites and Lunar Orbiters. For more information and to download this Add-On please visit the Moon Pictures Add-On page.

[edit] Moon Phases

This Add-On shows four icons that, when clicked, launch an applet which shows the current phase of the Moon as well as the hours and dates of the four next major phases. The current age of the Moon, its distance, and the dates of apogee and perigee are also indicated. Every hour indicated is in Universal Time (UT) except for the clock which indicates the standard time. For more information and to download this Add-On please visit the Moon Phases Add-On page.

[edit] Lunar Geology

This Add-On displays geological data from the USGS for the Moon. For more information and to download this Add-On please visit the Lunar Geology Add-On page.

[edit] Moon hotspots

Interesting places on the Lunar surface, click the links for more information, or click the worldwind button to visit the location in World Wind.

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