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==Links== ==Links==
*[[Porting WW | Porting Issues]] *[[Porting WW | Porting Issues]]
-*[ Port Discussion]+*[ Port Discussion] (Outdated/Missing as of 03/02/09 - see [ discussion on WorldWind Central Forum])
[[Category:Porting]] [[Category:Porting]]

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Okay, here is where people can list the languages they're going to use for the port and sign up to help out.


Porting Languages and Engines


  • .NET
    • C# (current language NWW is in)
    • VB.NET
    • Managed C++
  • VM's for above languages (C# is the most supported language)
    • MS CLR (currently 1.1, v2.0 in open beta)
    • Mono (currently 1.1.7 and compiling ~80% of the code)
    • GNU Portable .NET
    • Rotor (MS's Shared Source initiative for education)
  • Not .NET
    • C
    • C++
    • Objective-C

3D Engines


  • C# Version of Ogre++
  • rendering engine only
  • LGPL

Realm Forge, Wiki

  • LGPL
  • is a framework,
    • rendering engine (Axiom)
    • management of scripts, effects, audio, AI, physics, meshes, etc.


  • C#
  • zlib license



Port Developers (Please Give Contact Information)

Anyone willing to help? Don't be shy.


Interested in helping with linux port with C# (Mono) and OpenGL, have background in Java


I have currently some spare time that I would spend on porting Worldwind to Linux. I am a developper with C,C++ Java... background so don't hesitate to contact me.

I am very interested in this project but also very surprise that only one person so far has registered. Is somebody looking at this page ? ;o)


I too am interested in helping port, particularly for Linux. I've got experience in C, C++, Java, ASM, and other languages. I hope to be a real asset in making this happen! :)

Quinton Hoole:
I'm dead keen. Have lots of C, C++ and Java experience, as well as GIS and OpenGL. Not C#/.NET yet, but willing to learn. Feel free to contact me on

Jonathan Evraire

I am in the process of doing this port. I expect to be done by early next week (week of July 18th, 2005). Stay tuned for more information, or contact me at evraire [at]

Vitaliy Pronkin <>

I'm developing crossplatform [at this time] 2D version of WorldWind. Currently it supports tiled image layers, boundaries, placenames, placemarks, search, bookmarks and it can use NWW data formats. ww2d is written in Java/OpenGL and can work under Win32/Mac/Linux. Its home is at, go there for screenshots, downloads, etc. See also (This entry has been updated by an anonymous user)

Barney Holmes (grobda24 on IRC)


I started looking at mono and monodevelop on linux (Ubuntu) in order just to compile the SVN 1.4.1 version for Windows. Mono reminded me of the porting effort. Some mono development seems to have occurred since 2005 (if the last activity date is accurate on this page) ! Which may make the issues on this page easier to take forward. I'm new to C# but I have coding experience.

Port Status

July 12, 2005

Port started by Jonathan Evraire. Expected to be completed early next week.

Is there any update on the status of this port?

It's two months later, how's it going with the port? And is this a Linux port?

Any one going to take that to OS X?\\2005.09.17

May 19, 2005

Basic required functionality list completed.

May 5, 2005

Site started.


  • Determine what needs altered Porting_WW:_Current_DirectX
  • Determine needed functionality Porting_WW:_Needed_Functionality
  • Decide on 3D engine
    • The suggested 3D engines seem to be inadequate with respect to C#
    • I am leaning toward the Irrlicht Engine which seems to meet the majority of the requirement identified so far. The C# wrapper is considerably behind the C++ version. I have also just found an up to date java wrapper at unfortunately it currently only supports OpenGL on windows, with an alpha linux port. -Airvan
    • Please comment and make suggestions.
  • Implement changes


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