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Line 45: Line 45:
"Swedish" "Swedish"
"Finnish" "Finnish"
"Greek" "Greek"
"Russian" "Russian"
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"PortugueseBR" "PortugueseBR"
"Polish" "Polish"
"Ukrainian" "Ukrainian"
"Czech" "Czech"
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"Croatian" "Croatian"
"Bulgarian" "Bulgarian"
 +"Morse Code"
"Hungarian" "Hungarian"
"Thai" "Thai"

Revision as of 22:04, 13 February 2005

This file will become Global.nsh and be included in the installer. Get to work translating, if unsure of what to call your language, use the English name. 3 down / 40 to go :)



You can put in comments like so
Translation Provided by El Mysterioso
  • LangString Requirement1 ${LANG_ENGLISH} " is required. Would you like to download it now? -- Please restart this installer after installing"
  • LangString Requirement2 ${LANG_ENGLISH} "World Wind will install even though you do not appear to have met requirements."
  • LangString Success ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Installation was successful.$\rWould you like to view the release notes?"
  • LangString Uninstall1 ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Are you sure you want to uninstall NASA World Wind?"
  • LangString Uninstall2 ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Would you like to keep your World Wind cache folder?"


Translation Provided by Thomas Risan
  • LangString Requirement1 ${LANG_NORWEGIAN} "må installeres. Ønsker du å laste ned programmet nå? Start maskinen på nytt etter fullført installasjon."
  • LangString Requirement2 ${LANG_NORWEGIAN} "World Wind vil installeres selv om du ikke har oppfylt installasjonskravene."
  • LangString Success ${LANG_NORWEGIAN} "Installasjonen var vellykket.$\rØnsker du å lese installsjonsinformasjonen?"
  • LangString Uninstall1 ${LANG_NORWEGIAN} "Er du sikker på at du ønsker å installere NASA World Wind?"
  • LangString Uninstall2 ${LANG_NORWEGIAN} "Ønsker du å beholde din World Wind cache folder?"


Translation Provided by gillesk
  • LangString Requirement1 ${LANG_GERMAN} " wird benötigt. Möchten Sie es jetzt runterladen? -- Nach der Installation dieses Programm bitte erneut starten."
  • LangString Requirement2 ${LANG_GERMAN} "World Wind wird jetzt installiert - allerdings wurden nicht alle Anforderungen erfüllt."
  • LangString Success ${LANG_GERMAN} "Installation war erfolgreich.$\rMöchten Sie jetzt die Release Notes sehen?"
  • LangString Uninstall1 ${LANG_GERMAN} "Sind Sie sicher dass Sie NASA World Wind deinstallieren wollen?"
  • LangString Uninstall2 ${LANG_GERMAN} "Möchten Sie ihr World Wind Cache Verzeichnis erhalten?"


Translation Provided by gillesk
  • LangString Requirement1 ${LANG_FRENCH} " est requis. Voulez-vous le télécharger maintenant? -- Après l'installation veuillez démarrer ce programme à nouveau."
  • LangString Requirement2 ${LANG_FRENCH} "World Wind sera installé maintenant - cependant, des éléments requis manquent."
  • LangString Success ${LANG_FRENCH} "L'installation a réussi.$\rVoulez-vous voir les Release Notes maintenant?"
  • LangString Uninstall1 ${LANG_FRENCH} "Etes-vous certain de vouloir désinstaller NASA World Wind?"
  • LangString Uninstall2 ${LANG_FRENCH} "Voulez-vous garder votre dossier cache World Wind?"

Translations TODO

"Spanish" "SimpChinese" "TradChinese" "Japanese" "Korean" "Italian" "Dutch" "Danish" "Swedish" "Finnish" "Leet" "Greek" "Russian" "Portuguese" "PortugueseBR" "Polish" "Klingon" "Ukrainian" "Czech" "Slovak" "Croatian" "Bulgarian" "Morse Code" "Hungarian" "Thai" "Romanian" "Latvian" "Macedonian" "Estonian" "Turkish" "Lithuanian" "Catalan" "Slovenian" "Serbian" "SerbianLatin" "Arabic" "Farsi" "Hebrew" "Indonesian" "Mongolian" "Luxembourgish" "Albanian"

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