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===Spanish=== ===Spanish===
;Translation by 5of0, 3rd year Spanish ;Translation by 5of0, 3rd year Spanish
-;Could probably be improved.+;Could definitely be improved.
-*LangString Requirement1 ${LANG_SPANISH} " is required. Want you to discharge it right now? -- Please, resume you this installer after installing."+*LangString Requirement1 ${LANG_SPANISH} " es requerido. ¿Quiere que usted descarguelo en este momento? -- Complace, le reasume este instalador después de instalar."
-*LangString Requirement2 ${LANG_SPANISH} "World Wind has installed although it does not seem to satisfy the requirements."+*LangString Requirement2 ${LANG_SPANISH} "Viento de Mundo ha instalado aunque no parecido satisfacer los requisitos."
-*LangString Success ${LANG_SPANISH} "Installation was achieved. $\r ¿Want you to look at the notes to premiere?"+*LangString Success ${LANG_SPANISH de LangString} "la Instalación se logró. ¿ $\R ¿Quiere que usted mire las notas para estrenar?"
-*LangString Uninstall1 ${LANG_SPANISH} "¿Are you sure that wants you to uninstall NASA World Wind?"+*LangString Uninstall1 ${LANG_SPANISH} "¿Es usted seguro que quiere que usted desinstale Viento de Mundo de NASA?"
-*LangString Uninstall2 ${LANG_SPANISH} "¿Want you to keep the folder to get of World Wind?"+*LangString Uninstall2 ${LANG_SPANISH} "¿Quiere que usted mantenga la carpeta para obtener de World Wind?"
- +
- +
- +
==Translations TODO== ==Translations TODO==

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