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==Italiano== ==Italiano==
 +;You can put in comments like so
 +;Translation Provided by WiZax
 +*LangString Requirement1 ${LANG_ITALIANO} " non è presente. Vuoi scaricarlo ora? -- Rilancia questo programma di installazione ad operazione terminata."
 +*LangString Requirement2 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "World Wind verrà installato seppure il sistema non disponga dei requisiti minimi raccomandati."
 +*LangString Success ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Installazione terminata con successo.$\rVuoi leggere ora le note d?"
 +*LangString Uninstall1 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Sei sicuro di voler rimuovere NASA World Wind?"
 +*LangString Uninstall2 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Would you like to keep your World Wind cache folder?"
 +*LangString MultiInstance ${LANG_ITALIANO} "The installer is already running."
 +*LangString RequireAdmin ${LANG_ITALIANO} "You do not currently have administrator priviledges. Please login with administrator priviledges or contact your Administrator to install this application."
 +*LangString Requirement3 ${LANG_ITALIANO} "Installing Managed Directx Assemblies."
==Translations TODO== ==Translations TODO==
"Spanish" "Spanish"

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