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* The .NET dialog doesn't contain a message, only Yes/No/Cancel buttons. strCpy/localization problem (LL Fixed)

  • Add logfile capability to installer and turn it on by default
ok, I do believe there is a command line switch a user can use to flag an logfile. Also the next installer will be patched to debug the wierd writefile bug we have, so hopefully a fix by next version.
  • If you download using IE and small cache, and run from the web page, the install extracts then displays an error? (can't reproduce with IE6, 50MB cache)
  • "You need DirectX" dialog redirects you to main DirectX page--would be better to direct to a link on our web page that redirects to the current DirectX installer, so less clicks. World Wind main download page should have links to DirectX and .NET download pages, so user can download and install those before installing World Wind, for better user experience. On download page, there should be a warning: installing DirectX and .net might force you to reboot your machine.
  • The directX link links to the latest version, it's the directx main download page. There is no .NET main download page as I could see, however if we could find one that would be even better then a NASA redirect. -- llynix
  • We should try to encourage people to install .net and directx before they run the installer... it takes forever to initialize the installer, and making them do it more than once is bad. If we could move the .NET and DirectX checks to before NSIS unpacks data, that would be best. Right now it unpacks all the data then does the checks.
13:45:11 < Llynix> reserve file is what we need for speeding up the installer
  • Pretty screenshots in background for installer:
13:38:32 <+Llynix> jessi-nlt:*checkout*/nsis/NSIS/Contrib/BgImage/BgImage.txt?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/plain
13:38:49 <+Llynix> I do believe that is what we need for setting pretty backgrounds while installing
13:40:42 < [-bull-]> randy can mke a nice background :)
13:41:17 < [-bull-]> maybe from his hawii trip phoos ;)
13:41:50 < [-bull-]> photos
13:42:21 <+Llynix> I'm not even sure if that above is quite the way to do it
13:42:26 <+Llynix> that's part of it.
13:42:35 <+Llynix> but I think we'll ahve to make seperate pages for each screen
13:42:44 <+Llynix> then invoke them at various times during the install
  • When installer launches MDX MSI on systems that already have it, user is prompted to uninstall MDX. This shouldn't happen. :)
  • "Installing Managed DirectX assemblies" dialog shouldn't cause a beep when it comes up
  • "notepad" for releasenotes still seems to get started in background, rather than in foreground
  • When the installer puts up a dialog "Installing Managed DX Assemblies" and you click ok, there's nothing onscreen but alpha6

installer CPU usage goes to 60-90%. After 20 seconds MDX installer pops up. During this time there should be an indication of what's going on.

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