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Creating the Installer

  1. Get NSIS 2.06, and apply the non-solid patch.
  2. Check out wwinstall module from CVS.
  3. In Install\, copy the Data\ folder from _somewhere_ (currently the latest WW 1.3 full install tree, soon to be wwinstall CVS module)
  4. Create the "bootstrap" Rapid Fire MODIS data (as a hack). In a separate folder, run World Wind and click Rapid Fire MODIS to generate initial data. Copy contents of \Cache\Earth\Rapid Fire MODIS into \Install\Cache\Earth\Rapid Fire MODIS
  5. Copy release CVS binaries and WorldWind.exe.config from WorldWind-module\bin\Release to \Install
  6. Right-click World Wind v....nsi, click Compile NSIS Script
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