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The Icon object draws an image and text at a point on the globe.


Icon attributes

Refresh (optional, string)


Icon elements

Name (required, string)

This is the name that will be displayed for the icon, both in the layer manager and on the globe. It has an optional AlwaysVisible boolean attribute that defaults to "false" which makes the icon name appear only when the mouse is over the icon. Setting the AlwaysVisible attribute to "true" will make the icon name visible at all times. The text can span multiple lines in the xml to include linebreaks.

Latitude (required)

Value(required, double)

The latitude for the icon.

Longitude (required)

Value(required, double)

The longitude for the icon.

DistanceAboveSurface (required, double)

The distance the icon will be drawn from the ground. This takes into account terrain elevation at the point in question and changes with vertical exaggeration. NOTE: If vertical exaggeration is changed then the entire Icons list must be turned off and then back on for the vertical exaggeration value to be reflected in the Icon positions. If this is not done then the icons will appear at the wrong distance above or below the ground.

TextureFilePath (required, string)

The path to the file containing the image for the Icon. This can be an absolute path, and path relative to the World Wind program directory, or a web URL. Leaving this element empty will result in no image being shown and the name value for the icon being visible at all times.

Description (optional, string)

This text will appear in the lower left corner of the window when the mouse is over an icon. The text can span a number of lines in the xml to include linebreaks.

IsRotated (optional, boolean)

Controls whether the Icon texture is rotated. Default value is "false".

RotationDegrees (optional, double)

Angle by which to rotate the icon texture if IsRotated is set to "true".

MinimumDisplayAltitude (optional, double)

Minimum camera altitude at which the Icon will be visible. Default value is zero.

MaximumDisplayAltitude (optional, double)

Maximum camera altitude at which the Icon will be visible. Default value is 1.79769313486232e308.

ClickableUrl (optional, string)

Can be an internet url that will open in whichever browser (internal or external) is specified in the global settings, or a local file path which will be opened by whatever program is configured to open that particular file type on the user's PC. It can also be a worldwind:// url.

OnClickZoomAltitude (optional, double)

Altitude to move camera to when the Icon is clicked.

OnClickZoomHeading (optional, double)

Heading to rotate camera to when the icon is clicked.

OnClickZoomTilt (optional, double)

Tilt value to rotate camera to when the icon is clicked.





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