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(This page will be finished later, but now it's just a start.)
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(I suggest this page be deleted, but redirects to WWWT for now)
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-This page is intended to be a guide to introduce new users to World Wind. It is not a complete guide by any means, and will not help you with any problems you encounter. If you do encounter any problems, or just want troubleshooting information, try the [[Unofficial_FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]]. If you want a more complete guide, look at the [[World_Wind_Users_Document|User's Guide]] or [ Introduction to World Wind]. +#REDIRECT [[World Wind Walkthrough Tutorial]]
- +
-Now that we've got the disclaimer out of the way, if you're still here, we can get started. First, double-click the "World Wind 1.3" icon, presumably on your desktop:+
-After the splash screen comes up (a whitish box with clouds) the main World Wind window should come up. At the top will be a toolbar:+

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