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Welcome to WorldWind 1.3.3


Well, here it is, NASA WorldWind 1.3.3 Beta. Please take the time to familiarize youself with the content here, prior to visiting the forums or chat, so that we can avoid answering the same questions repeatedly, and instead focus on helping those who genuinely have a problem, so that everyone can enjoy WW. Plese note that this is a work currently in progress, and will be updated at a rate of several times a day, to begin with.

If you are reading this text, I am currently in the process of updating it. Please note that this is a time-consuming process, and we are working right now to answer questions people might have specifically regarding this beta release of WorldWind 1.3.3

Important Links

Please also see these links for important information about everything!

  WorldWind FAQ at WorldWind Central
 WorldWind FAQ at NASA WorldWind Forums


* Disclaimer: This document is released as a temporary solution for a more complete 1.3.3 reference page, which we hope to make available soon. The contents are subject to error, irrelevancy, errors of fact, relocation and degredation, and addtionally have no official status. You acknowledge that you alone are responsible for any damage WWC content does cause or is suspected to have caused, to your system or any part of your well-being. This is an unofficial and informal guide and must not be relied upon or regarded as anything other than a helpful hints section. Thank you for reading this guide thoroughly before posting questions.

=== Known Issues With 1.3.3 --- Keep in mind that this list is likely to grow, and in fact way not include all relevant data for the current release. Note that we are working on this list as we speak, so be patient and return in a couple of days to view upates and/or changes to this page.

  1. Before you begin
    1. Make sure you have installed:
      1. Microsoft .NET v 1.1
      2. DirectX for Managed Code, Oct. 2005, redist
    2. Make sure that you have uninstalled:
      1. Any prior version of WorldWind, inclding Userfiles in Documents and Settings/$USERNAME$/Application Data/NASA (just delete entire folder).
    3. Check for Hardware compatability
      1. Videocard support
      2. Other hardware/Sytem OS issues
  2. Installation and first run
  1. Installation and Initial Startup

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