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[[World Wind FAQ| WorldWind FAQ at WorldWind Central]] [[World Wind FAQ| WorldWind FAQ at WorldWind Central]]
 + [[World_Wind_Walkthrough_Tutorial| WorldWind Tutorial]]
[| WorldWind FAQ at NASA WorldWind Forums] [| WorldWind FAQ at NASA WorldWind Forums]
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==== Wiki ==== ==== Wiki ====
-Here, as a matter of fact+Here, as a matter of fact, or [[Main page| Wiki main page]]
==== IRC ==== ==== IRC ====

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Welcome to WorldWind 1.3.3


Well, here it is, NASA WorldWind 1.3.3. Please take the time to familiarize youself with the content here, prior to visiting the forums or chat, so that we can avoid answering the same questions repeatedly, and instead focus on helping those who genuinely have a problem, so that everyone can enjoy WW. Plese note that this is a work currently in progress, and will be updated at a rate of several times a day, to begin with.

If you are reading this text, I am currently in the process of updating it. Please note that this is a time-consuming process, and we are working right now to answer questions people might have specifically regarding this beta release of WorldWind 1.3.3

Important Links

Please also see these links for important information regarding this release and general WorldWind topics!

  Release Notes
  WorldWind FAQ at WorldWind Central
  WorldWind Tutorial
 WorldWind FAQ at NASA WorldWind Forums

Where (and How) to get Help on 1.3.3

Please be aware that we are often swamped with users asking the same questions that we go over time and time again- while this may seem strange, the vast majority of issues and complaints that we get are already explained very clearly, in the . . . what? Yes, THE FAQ!!!

User Forums

  Official WorldWind forums are an important component of the support structure for WorldWind. Following a careful reading of the FAQ, users should vivit the forums and prepare to do some reading. This is the best way to learn about what WW can do, and it allows you to learn at your own pace. Please take advantage of every opportunity to  help yourself and others by devoting some time each day (or week) to study the impressive knowledge base collected here and at the Wiki (here)


Here, as a matter of fact, or Wiki main page


Please come visit, but be aware that there is often a lot going on, and this is not generally the appropriate place to receive basic user support. If we have time, and we are not involved in conversations with others, we will most likely take a minute to answer your questions. But if nobody does, please DO NOT WRITE LIKE THIS!!!! We see you, and most likely we already know what you are going to ask, and that you had been instructed to do just a teeny bit of homework first. If you insist on asking, you are making it difficult for us to help people who genuinely have a problem which is not of their own negligence. That is not fair to them or to us, so do not be surprised if 'attitudes' are met with indifference on the part of the Support team.

  • Note to advanced users: since IRC is where much of the development discussion occurs, please stop by and give us your input- and feel free to ask questions- we will try our best to answer any questions regarding technical aspects of WorldWind, or the design/development philospohies at work around here. As is expected of any user, please keep discussion relevant to situation, and avoid asking questions which are answered already in FAQs, forums, etc.

Features New to WorldWind in 1.3.3

  • Next Generation Blue Marble (500 meters per pixel) - Go to Plugins-->Blue Marble to activate
  • The Moon plus terrain (4 image sets) Go to File-->Moon. Make sure to play with Vertical Exaggeration
  • 3 new Landsat mosaics (NLT Pseudo, Geocover 1990, Geocover 2000) - Shows off/accentuates new earth features - Pick in Layer Manager
  • ESRI shapefile support
  • New terrain engine
  • NRL Real-Time Weather
  • Multi-layer Transparency - Right click on layer in Layer Manager, choose Properties
  • Option to display tile names with info on location in Cache

Known Issues With 1.3.3

Keep in mind that this list is likely to grow, and in fact way not include all relevant data for the current release. The topics listed below are under active compiling., and will contain links to relevant data as soon as it becomes available or we make it exist . . . Note that we are working on this list as we speak, so be patient and return in a couple of days to view upates and/or changes to this page.

  • Issues common to other versions:
  • Black Screen Syndrome
  • Viewing Different Worlds
  • Download Doldrums
  • Other


* Disclaimer: This document is released as a temporary solution for a more complete 1.3.3 reference page, which we hope to make available soon. The contents are subject to error, irrelevancy, errors of fact, relocation and degredation, and addtionally have no official status. You acknowledge that you alone are responsible for any damage WWC content does cause or is suspected to have caused, to your system or any part of your well-being. This is an unofficial and informal guide and must not be relied upon or regarded as anything other than a helpful hints section. Thank you for reading this guide thoroughly before posting questions.

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